Hundreds of School Buses Sold with the Wrong Part

As reported by First Coast News, a problem was discovered with nearly 600 Florida school buses sold in the past four years. The problem: these school buses were sold with a refrigerant hose for the air conditioning system that did not meet the Florida state specifications. According to the report, the problem only affected Blue Bird buses. It was said that the non-compliant air conditioning hoses do not pose a threat to the students.

(QOTM) May 2014: Effects of the Student Transportation Industry

For this month, to mark the traditional last full month of the school year in many school systems in North America, we are revisiting a topic that was introduced a few weeks ago. This looks into the cumulative impact and effects that the transportation of students has on the environment and economy as a whole.

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Winter 2014 Update

Welcome to the Winter 2014 update! This update has been a long time coming, but hopefully you will find that it has been worth the wait. This update features many new state galleries, and a lot of unique buses from the eastern United States. New this month are 84 new/ updated additions! Our featured bus for January is a 2014 Blue Bird Vision operated in Santa Rosa, Texas. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back with us soon for more bus related news!

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