School Bus Surveillance Systems (with Forum Discussion)

DSCN6536For a long time, surveillance cameras have played an important role in the school bus ride. In filming what happens on the bus during each route, cameras are important factor in security, safety, and accountability for both students and drivers. In the past, the use of a film-based camera (camcorder) limited their use to a single mounting in the front of the bus; their picture was not always complete. With the improvements allowed by digital-based technology, many school buses have multiple cameras per vehicle.

School Bus Stop Arm Placements (with Forum Poll & Discussion)

While government safety standards in the United States and Canada mandate the use of at least one stop arm on all school buses, various state and provincial regulations lead to a wide array of requirements for stop arms. In addition to the various types of stop arms in use, they vary in number and placement on the vehicle. While the majority of states/provinces require a single stop arm mounted towards the front of the bus, others require a second stop arm.

Train collides with School Bus, 2 Fatalities (ND)

Larimore, North Datoka - A school bus returning students home on its afternoon commute collided with a train at a railroad crossing. According to the Grand Forks Herald, the bus driver failed to yield to a stop sign when it struck the train. Although the incident occurred on a rural gravel road, it is stated that the intersection was clearly marked railroad crossing signs. The accident resulted in many injuries and two fatalities, including the bus driver and one student. More information can be read at the article linked below.

School Bus Door Configurations (with Forum Poll & Discussion)

For many years, school buses have had entrance doors unlatched and opened by hand when the driver arrives to pick off and drop off students. Unlike other types of buses, manually-operated entrance doors remained common to school buses into the early 21st century. To reduce the possibility of repetitive stress injury injuries to bus drivers as well as reduce exposed metal in the interior of the bus, manufacturers have moved to replace manual doors with either pneumatic (air-operated) doors along with doors powered by electric motors.

Technology Company Gets Creative in Funding Electric School Bus Conversions

In Northern California, ADOMANI, Inc, a technology company specializing in electric-vehicle conversion, has harnessed the power of the Internet to secure grant money in order to convert several school buses from fossil fuels to electric power. As the government grants required matching funds, the company turned to "crowdfunding", a form of online fundraising in order to raise over $150,000 in only 3 weeks. Currently, two school buses have been converted by the company using vehicle-to-grid technology.